Rediscovering early Native American items


Rediscovering America's Original People


During my youth, I remember how our culture and family ways were  strained. And that someday I can contribute something towards our  culture. I always was interested in our Culture and History and wanted  to recreate and salvage our way of life by making early Native American  items. The love for my people and our way of life, brought me to a level  to help protect our way of life and our artifacts and I refuse to  believe that they will be lost forever just like our Language amongst  some tribes., So I strive in a small way to help keep our Culture,  People and past and everyday items alive so people can have a better  understanding of the Original People. Our Native culture today is alive  and well because we are a family of strong-willed proud people. The  Native American items especially some of the ones you see here, I  meticulously try to recreate handcrafted to detail. I respectfully do it  with, do respect towards my ancestors. Recreating these artifact's is  very personal and spiritual to me. I try to make my items Historically  correct and authentically accurate to the original ones as possible. If  you are a true collector or just need to own fine original quality item.  Many of my Items are perhaps the closest thing to an original piece of  lost history you may ever find.

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